LASER FOCUS Signature Blend 100g


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LASER FOCUS SIGNATURE BLEND 100g (25 servings): “your brain and energy boost”
“This powerful blend improves your focus and energy! This mix of superfoods is your NEXT LEVEL matcha and not only boosts your energy and focus in a gentle way but adds the extra clear state of mind, anti-procrastination and high performance”
potent adaptogens paired with matcha green tea
gives you an extra clear state of mind
boosts brain, memory and focus
stable supply of energy throughout the day
anti-procrastination effect
detoxing and packed with anti-oxidants
contributes to weight loss
impressive nutritional profile
Matcha, Lion’s Mane, Siberian Ginseng, Gingko Biloba, Coconut Milk Powder
Make Matcha Latte by whisking 1 teaspoon into a bit of 80-degree hot water and adding foamed plant-based milk.
Enjoy in the morning or when you experience an afternoon dip to give your body the most benefits. Use daily for best results.
This product is not only supportive of your health and well-being but also tastes nice! We believe healthy products deserve to taste nice so you enjoy consuming them every day while improving the way you feel!


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LASER FOCUS Signature Blend 100g
LASER FOCUS Signature Blend 100g